CaJohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

CaJohn's Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

Hi. I have set a personal goal to try 10,000 hot sauces. I’ve already counted this sauce when I tried it at the Weekend of Fire 2013. But I wanted to give you my review of CaJohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce. Learn what I thought about this sauce and where you can get it for yourself.

CaJohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce

Okay, let’s get something out of the way right off the bat — Despite Chef Steve himself saying it for me, I still have no idea how to pronounce “Quetzalcoatl.”

But I do know how to say “OMG”, “Yum” and “Just Go Buy a Bottle!”

This is easily — far-and-away — the best sauce I tried at the Weekend of Fire 2013 and the best sauce I had in 2013.

This is the kind of sauce you want to tell all of your friends about — but not share any with them!

Yeah!  It’s that good.

Okay, I am gushing a little, I know.  But, once you try CaJohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce for yourself, you will understand.

CaJohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Review

The first thing that hits you is the wonderful sweet, Southwestern flavor.  It’s reminiscent of good taco seasonings with cumin, onion and garlic and would go well with Tex-Mex and Southwestern foods.

Next you get a blast of the heat.  But not too much.  The ingredients list Serrano and Ghost Chiles.  There seems to have more of the Serranos, muting the heat of the incendiary Ghost Peppers somewhat.  The heat, while quick, is not overpowering or particularly long lasting.  For me (and some of my friends who tried it) it has a nice balance between flavor and heat — but it’s probably too hot for most people.

I see online that CaJohns’ Oaxaca Hot Sauce has the same wonderful flavor, without the Ghost Pepper heat.  I tried a sample of the Oaxaca and the Oaxaca Chipotle at the Weekend of Fire, but honestly don’t remember them.  CaJohns was one of the last tables we visited.  I need to get a bottle of each next time.  I might like them even better.

CaJohn's Quetzalcoatl on Korean TacosCaJohn’s Quetzalcoatl on Korean Tacos


This is probably too hot to be a table sauce for normal people.  But if you put it on the table with taco or burritos for your chilehead friends — well, just count on buying a new bottle tomorrow.   In fact, I have yet to find a food this doesn’t taste good on.  Naturally I only tried it on things I expected it to work with — tacos, burritos, taco soup, nachos, bean soup and burgers to name a few. But, even so, as you can see by the photos, I have already nearly finished my bottle.  I wish I had bought a half dozen.

Pick up a bottle of CaJohns Quetzalcoatl Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (or the Oaxaca Chipotle if you prefer less heat) when you see some. Look for the really cool label.  You will not be disappointed.

CaJohn's Quetzalcoatl's Really Cool LabelCaJohn’s Quetzalcoatl’s Really Cool Label

My Ratings:

Taste:★★★★★  — Heat Level:★★★☆☆  — Usability:★★★★½ 


Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Chile Peppers (Serrano, Ghost Chili) Brown Sugar, Garlic, Salt, Onion, Cumin

Where I got it: At the CaJohns booth at the Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire 2013. As of this writing it is not yet available in stores.

Their Website:

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