Big Lots Hot Sauces from Christmas 2016

Big Lots Hot Sauces Christmas 2016

Even though it is a bit smaller than past years, this year’s Big Lots haul looks pretty promising.

Big Lots Christmas 2016 Hot Sauce Collections

It’s getting harder to find a lot of Christmas Collections at Big Lots.

As in previous years, I waited until January for the collections to go on sale. Even with this in mind, there seemed to be less collections available than in past years. And most of the collections this year were either ones I had already purchased in previous years or collections with the same sauces as past ones but with new names.

Maybe the public’s hot sauce fascination is winding down a bit.  I hope not.  But mine is just as strong as ever.

I had to look closely, but I did find the 3 interesting new ones pictured above.

I look forward to trying them all in 2017.

To see my previous Big Lots Christmas Collections, click the year — 2013, 2014, 2015.

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