Hot Sauce #198 – Sun Harvest Market Vidalia Onion Florida Orange Hot Sauce

Sun Harvest Market Hot SauceYou never know where you are going to find a new hot sauce.

Or a new friend.

Sun Harvest Market Vidalia Onion Florida Orange Hot Sauce

Robards Christian Church
My Father-in-Law, Red (aka Poppa), wanted to make a trip down to his hometown of Robards, KY for Robards Christian Church’s 135th Anniversary.  It’s a long trip, so Poppa asked me to drive.  I was more than happy to do so. Besides the obvious pleasure of helping out one of my favorite people, I love Southern Church Potlucks.

This one did not disappoint.  Southern people can cook.  There is no doubt about that.  And they go all out for potlucks.  Especially Church Potlucks.  The food table groaned under the weight of dozens of meats, vegetables, salads, casseroles and, on a separate table because the first one was full, desserts.   Everything that you expect to find at a good Southern Potluck.

The one thing I didn’t find on the table, and never expected to, was hot sauce. We Southerners may our love hot sauce (after all, Tabasco is from Louisiana) but we don’t bring it to church!


After I filled my plate up (for the first time), I found a quite corner where I hoped I wouldn’t be disturbed and got down to some serious eating.  The one thing I do not enjoy about Church Pots is talking to people while I eat. Now, I’m normally a very friendly guy and love a good conversation.  But the topics at these things are typically so banal.  Everyone is trying to play it safe.

So imagine my horror, when who should sit down right across from me in my quiet little corner, but the preacher himself. Imagine my surprise when the first thing he does is reach into his coat pocket and pull out a bottle of hot sauce and offered it to me.

————— There is More to this Story. The Rest is Coming Soon. ————

  • Hot Sauce #198 – Sun Harvest Market Vidalia Onion Florida Orange Hot Sauce

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