Hot Sauce #3 – The Honey Hot Sauce Review

The Honey Hot Sauce from The Hot Sauce Boss ReviewHot Sauce #3 on the trip to 10,000 is The Honey Hot Sauce and it has a great story behind it. You are going to love the Hot Sauce Boss.

Hot Sauce #3 – The Honey Hot Sauce from the Hot Sauce Boss

Last summer I was up in Chicago for the Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention.  We went up a couple of days early, because we just LOVE Chicago.

I was wandering around alone down in the Loop, under the El on Wabash Ave. (I believe at the corner of Monroe, but don’t quote me on that.) I saw a slick-looking guy selling something out of his shoulder bag on the opposite side of the street. It looked like hot sauce. In fact, it looked enough like hot sauce that I had to go over and check.

By the time I got to the other side, he was gone. But I was too intrigued to be stopped now — and I really had nothing else to do — so I started looking around for him.  It took about 45 minutes, but I found him in a natural foods store.

Of course, it was hot sauce he was selling.

And, of course, I bought some. 🙂

Hot Sauce #3 – The Honey Hot Sauce

His name is Malik Jamal and he is a super cool, sweetheart of a guy.  His business card lists his company as Almighty Imperial and him as “The Hot Sauce Boss.” which is also his website –

I knew I was gonna like this guy when I saw that he had bought a Bruce Cost Unfiltered Ginger Ale (my favorite.)   You can see it in his right hand.

The Hot Sauce Boss

In his left hand is the only bottle of hot sauce he had left for the day – The Honey Hot Sauce.

I got lucky.

But also unlucky.  He makes 3 kinds of sauces, the other two are Spicy Guava and Lime Juiced.

You know that I would have bought all three.

We talked for a very enjoyable 20 minutes, I took his picture, promised to put him on this blog (it took a while but here it is) and then I walked off with my new sauce in my pocket and a smile.

Not Quite as Enjoyable or as Sweet as Malik

I really, really, REALLY REALLY wanted to love this sauce.

The Honey Hot Sauce

Malik is so sweet and enjoyable to talk to.  And I love to discover new and exciting unknown sauces — and to support local producers.


I only like it.

It’s not that it is bad.  Not by any means.  It’s all natural and you can taste that.  There are no cloying artificial tastes and no oily feel on the tongue.

Some people are going to love this sauce I am sure.

(UPDATE – I was sooooo right — and I am glad.  See the first comment below for a very nice “opposing” point of view.) 

Unfortunately there just isn’t really much to the sauce.  You get a very slight sweet taste right at the beginning and then a huge explosion of heat (it is made with scotch bonnet peppers after all.)  But, unfortunately, that is it.  There is no honey taste, just sweet, and no pepper taste, just heat.

There’s no complexity.

I just can’t imagine why I would eat it.  Or what I would eat it on.  It’s not sweet enough to stand on its own on a biscuit or bagel.  It’s hot — but so are dozens of other sauces.

I will keep trying, though.

I really hope I see Malik again.  He is such a fun dude and I would love to try his other 2 sauces.

My Ratings:

Taste: ★★☆☆☆  — Heat Level: ★★½☆☆  — Usablility: ★☆☆☆☆ 


Selected Ingredients: Scotch Bonnet Peppers, Honey, Citric Acid and Salt

Where I got it: I got mine straight from Malik on State Street in Chicago (which I hope to do again on my next trip to the Windy City.) It’s also available on his website. I might end up ordering from there, but I hope I see Malik again this year. That is so much more fun.

Their Website:

All Photos of all the nonsense on this page are by Mark.  And you should see the shots of the ComicCon I didn’t include.  Seriously.

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A Few Random Chicago and Chicago Comic Con Wizard World Convention Photos from 2012 for you to enjoy.

The Amazing Cloud Gate

The Amazing Cloud Gate


Marilyn Outside the Chicago Tribune Building on Michigan Ave.

Marilyn Outside the Chicago Tribune Building on Michigan Ave.

Attendees dressed up for the Chicago Comic Con. Amazing Costumes.

Attendees dressed up for the Chicago Comic Con. Amazing Costumes.


More amazing amateur costumes.

More amazing amateur costumes.




If you have never been to a large comic convention, you should put it on your Bucket List.  But it must be one of the big ones (Chicago, San Diego and Toronto are good ones.)  You’ll have a blast.  Even if you have no interest at all in comics.

The same goes for visiting Chicago.  Only more so.

By the way, on Friday night we walked up to Graham Elliot’s sandwich shop, Grahamwich in the River North neighborhood and had a really good light dinner.  The sandwiches were excellent.  I also enjoyed the chips and the pickled veggies.


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