Hot Sauce #7 – #11 – Dat’l Do-It Hot Sauce Gift Box

Dat'l Do-It Gift BoxI got a Dat’l Do-It Hot Sauce Gift Box for Christmas from a good friend.  Find out what was in the box and whether or not it was any good.

Hot Sauce #7 – #11 – Dat’l Do-It Gift Box

As I said above, a good friend of mine knows that I like hot sauce and was thoughtful enough to get me a Hot Sauce Gift Box for Christmas last year.

Unfortunately, he knows me better than he knows hot sauces.

This is one of those box set you see every Holiday season in the front of department stores or in the kiosks in the middle of the mall. And unfortunately, all of these sauces taste exactly like something you would expect to find in a gift box at the front of a store at Christmas.

I am not complaining, mind you.  I appreciate the gift and especially the thought that went into it.   And since I would probably never have bought any of these sauces for myself, I got to add 5 sauces to my total that I probably wouldn’t have.  A good deal all around.

(By the way, apropos to nothing, I know he likes reading about history and serial killers so I gave him the novel The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Did I do good?)

The gift pack was made by the Dat’l Do-It company.  They are out of St. Augustine, FL and apparently take their name from the hot pepper grown around the St. Augustine area, the datil pepper.

The gift box included these sauces:

  • Hot Sauce #7 – Tropical Jalapeño
  • Hot Sauce #8 – Desert Heat Chipotle
  • Hot Sauce #9 – Cayenne Hot Drops
  • Hot Sauce #10 – Dat’l Fire
  • Hot Sauce #11 – Habanero Gold

Surprisingly, only 1 of the sauces in this collection actually contained datil peppers.

Because this was a gift and because I was considering starting this project when I got it, I really did try all of these sauces — more than I probably would have otherwise and much more than I probably should have. I splashed them on wings, cooked with them and even mixed them into a few dips.  Look at the levels of the bottles in the photo and you will see that I really did try.

Cayenne Hot Drops On Wings

Cayenne Hot Drops On Pita Chip

And you know what?  There is not a thing to recommend any of them.

I see online that Dat’l Do It make several other sauces and some reviewers are giving them high marks.  But not these.  They are all horrible.  4 of them have an oily — no, slimy — mouth-feel that is quite disturbing.  Like you get with say, boiled okra.  Not good at all in a sauce.

None of them have any flavor other than vinegar, salt and hot.

I threw the whole lot away as soon as I took the picture above.

The gift and the thought were appreciated.  It was fun to try them all and I’m still gonna count them.  🙂

But I sure ain’t gonna recommend them.


Where I got it: Gift from a good and well-meaning friend

Their Website:

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