Hot Sauces #192 – 195 – A Fun Bahamas Cruise and Lovely Savannah

Bahamian Hot Sauces

We’ve just gotten back from our first cruise. Besides some great memories and a mild sunburn, I came home with 4 new hot sauces.

3 Bahamian Hot Sauces and 1 from Georgia

We’ve just returned home for a week long trip to Florida and a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas with 10 of our friends, including my ex-roommate and good bud, Patrick, and his wife.

In the Bahamas I was hoping to finds some small, local, freshly-made hot sauces to buy and bring home. I didn’t.

Since we were on a cruise, we docked in the “tourist” areas of the island, near Freeport and Nassau, and only had a few hours to visit before we had to be back on-board. We were, naturally, surrounded by souvenir shops (Bahamas shot glasses, little Bahamas License plates and Bahamas Snow Globes (???) abound) , jewelry stores and “tropically-themed” chain restaurants (Margaritaville, Senior Frogs – all of which were PACKED, by the way). The hot sauce pickings were slim for a chili-head like me and all I could find in the shops were “tourist” sauces. I wish we’d had the time and means to deeper into the island where we may have found better hot sauce choices (as well as better food and a more authentic version of the island culture.)

I did pick up 3 bottles. Why not? They were all made in the Bahamas. None of 3 sauces are especially interesting. But it was fun to buy and try them.

3 Bahamian Hot Sauces

  • Hot Sauce #192 – Kellman’s All-Bahamian Rabbit Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #193 – Conchy Joe’s Inferno Pepper Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #194 – Plantation Hill Bahamas Julie Mango Hot Pepper Tonic

Instead of describing the lackluster sauces, here are a few pictures from our cruise that are more interesting.

Normanda and Me in the Bahamas

Cruising into The Bahamas

Normanda in Freeport

Beach in Nassau

Patrick and Me in the Bahamas

Queen Victoria

Margarita - Pina Colada Mix Boat Drink

Between the Ships

That last picture is a little strange to include, maybe — but I loved the feel of the walk down the dock with the huge ships towering up on both sides.

Savannah, GA

East Bay Street by Emmet Park, Savannah, GA

Beautiful East Bay Street near Emmet Park, Savannah, GA

On the way home from Florida, we stayed overnight in beautiful Savannah, GA.

There was a little hand-written sign beside the cash register reading “If you like it spicy…” or some such “Try Felipe’s Secret Sauce Hot Sauce.” So naturally I had to get some.

It had minced jalapeños and maybe other peppers, vinegar and spices. It’s more of a relish than a hot sauce and not very hot – but it is quite good.

Zunzi’s Felipe’s Secret Sauce Hot Sauce

Felipe's Secret Sauce Hot Sauce at Zunzi’s Takeout and Catering, Savannah, GA

  • Hot Sauce #195 – Zunzi’s Felipe’s Secret Sauce Hot Sauce

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