Christmas Gift Hot Sauce Collection

SouthWest HeatWave Hot Sauce CollectionLook what I got for Christmas!

About a month ago I spotted a large collection of these collections in Big Lots and thought about buying a couple or three of them.  After all, no one is gonna get me hot sauce for Christmas.



Christmas Gift Hot Sauce Collection

My brother, Todd, and I both got these wonderful hot sauce collections from our Dad and Mom.  It seems that Dad knows a good thing when he see it and snatched these up immediately.

The collection includes 12 different Southwest-themed hot sauces to try.  Surprising, even though Dad says he got these at Big Lots, I do not see them in my Big Lots photo from last postHow many of these collections are there???

I still have my misgivings about hot sauce collections that I talked about in the Big Lots post (Click Here) — especially since this collection is made by the same company that made that previous disaster.  But, a gift is a gift.

Besides, it’s going to be fun trying a brand new hot sauce or two everyday for the next couple weeks.

I will have a post for you as soon as I try all 12.

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