Hot Sauces #61 – 65 – Coastal Cocktails Hot Sauce To Go Collection

Hot Sauce To Go Collection

Five new sauces in a cute little gift box.

Hot Sauce To Go Hot Sauces

Hot Sauce To Go

I grabbed this little cutie out of my Big Lots Collections collection to try first.  I was actually pleased. The sauces had a good taste and all 5 sauces tasted different from each other — something lacking in the first 2 collections I have tried.

These are not my descriptions, these are the names:

  • Hot Sauce #61 – Not So Spicy
  • Hot Sauce #62 – Somewhat Spicy
  • Hot Sauce #63 – Kind of Hot
  • Hot Sauce #64 – Just Like FIRE
  • Hot Sauce #65 – Feel it BURN!


Where I got it: Big Lots

Their Website:

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