Race City Sauce Works Jalapeño-Sour Apple Pepper Sauce Review

Race City Sauce Works Jalapeño-Sour Apple Pepper SauceI couldn’t get this sauce out of my mind after trying it at Weekend of Fire 2013.  It has such an intense apple flavor. So on my next trip to Jungle Jim’s, I made sure to pick up a bottle.

Race City Sauce Works Jalapeño-Sour Apple Pepper Sauce

I first tried this sauce at the Race City booth at the Weekend of Fire 2013. Although I didn’t buy a bottle that day, the taste stuck in my mind and on my next trip up to Jungle Jim’s I made sure to look for it.

Race City Sauce Works’ Jalapeno-Sour Apple Pepper Sauce has a bright, brilliant green apple taste. It’s not muted like apple jelly or cider. It’s the taste you get when biting into an actual green apple straight off the tree.

The downside is that the apple taste all but overpowers the other ingredients. I detect a bit of cilantro and maybe the shallots at the very end. But mostly sour apple. The sauce is still very good but a little less apple flavor might have made an even better sauce.

There is almost no heat at all and I cannot detect any fresh jalapeno flavor.

The consistency of the sauce is that solids-suspended-in-liquid that I discussed on the Tom’s Garden Man and Woman Hot Sauces Review. You have to be careful and softly shake the bottle as you pour to make sure the solids slide down or you get all juice. Naturally this also causes it to separate immediately on anything you pour it on.

I can see this sauce working on pork and chicken. Add a splash to BBQ if you have a sweet sauce or rub. I picture it tasting amazing splashed on a Hawaiian Burger. I can’t see it on most veggies. But anything with cheddar cheese would probably be worth a shot.

I think you could probably float a dash of this on certain cocktails, although I haven’t tried it yet. It may take a few tries to find the right combination, but it would be fun trying.

Looks like I will need to get another bottle, though.  Mine appears to be empty.

My Ratings:

Taste: ★★★½☆  — Heat: ½☆☆☆☆  — Usability: ★★½☆☆ 


Ingredients: – White wine vinegar, jalapeno peppers, water, green chile peppers, shallots, horseradish, bell pepper, garlic, cilantro, lime juice, natural apple essence, lime zest, spices

Where I got it: Jungle Jim’s International Market, Cincinnati, OH

Their Website: http://racecitysauceworks.com/

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