Hot Sauces #68 – 74 – Hot Sauces of the Louisiana Bayou Collection

Hot Sauces of the Louisiana Bayou CollectionSeven new hot sauces added by another collection from my Huge Haul at Big Lots.

Hot Sauces of the Louisiana Bayou

I love the audacity of the name.

Like, if you headed down to Nawlins or Baton Rouge, you’d see a bottle of Possum Pass or Smokin’ Groove on the tables of every oyster joint. Or better yet, go to any Cajun’s home and you’d be told to siddown and make yourself comfortable, Gran’ Pappy will be in in a minute. He’s out back whipping up a batch of Swamp Breath Garlic Hot Sauce.


I got this collection as part of the Big Lots After-Christmas Sale.

There are 7 sauces in this collection.

Hot Sauces of the Louisiana Bayou

  • Hot Sauce #68 – Smokin’ Groove Smoky Chipotle Smoldering Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #69 – All Jazzed Up Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #70 – Swamp Breath Garlic Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #71 – Flash Boil Jalapeno Heat
  • Hot Sauce #72 – Cajun Devil Cajun Devil Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #73 – Possum Pass Premium Pepper Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #74 – Crawdaddy Pepper Sauce

Where I got them: Big Lots

Their Website: ???

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