Hot Sauces #75 – 81 – 7 Housemade Restaurant and Food Truck Hot Sauces

Las Gorditas Hot SaucesI love it when a restaurant or food truck has their own housemade hot sauces. Not only is it a new and different hot sauce to try (and add to my list!) but they are usually very good.

Here are 7 sauces from 2 restaurants and 2 food trucks that I tried in February.

Hot Sauce #75 – 77 – Las Gorditas Food Truck Hot Sauces

This wonderful Mexican Food Truck parks Thursday thru Sunday nights about 2 miles from my house. They have some of the best tacos, quesadillas, tortas and, of course, gorditas I have ever tasted, anywhere. And I always have to get a side of the creamy elote en vaso.

They offer 3 hot sauces (pictured at the top of this post) that may or may not have names. They are always too busy making wonderful food for me to bother them with silly questions.

  • Hot Sauce #75 – Las Gorditas Food Truck Green Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #76 – Las Gorditas Food Truck Bright Orange Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #77 – Las Gorditas Food Truck Dark Orange Hot Sauce

Their Website: doesn’t exist. Here is their Yelp Page with their well-deserved 4 1/2-Star Rating:

Hot Sauce #78 – Bluegrass Burgers Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Bluegrass Burgers Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Bluegrass Burgers is a premium burger joint with a wonderfully short menu.  They do burgers.  And they do them so well.  100% local Kentucky grass-fed bison and beef, local organic produce and Kenny’s Farmhouse cheeses.  The burgers are expensive and totally worth it.

I spotted this little gem on their toppings bar.  I didn’t put it on my burger — it doesn’t need any help — I dipped my onion rings in it.  So good.

  • Hot Sauce #78 – Bluegrass Burgers Jalapeño Hot Sauce

Their Website:

Hot Sauce #79 – Holy Molé Taco Truck Hot Sauce

Holy Mole Food Truck Hot Sauce with a Beef Brisket Bulgogi Taco

The Holy Molé Taco Truck was set up at the Douglas Avenue Farmer’s Market on Saturday and my GF and I shared a breakfast of Beef Brisket Bulgogi Tacos.  I added a bit of their housemade (truckmade?) hot sauce to mine.

  • Hot Sauce #79 – Holy Molé Taco Truck Hot Sauce

Their Website:

Hot Sauce #80 & 81 – Los Caballos Hot Sauces

Los Caballos Hot Sauces

Unlike the Las Gorditas sauces above where I made up the names, “red sauce” and “green sauce” actually ARE the names of these sauces. How do I know? I asked the chef.

Here is our conversation — and, I swear, I am not making this up:

Me (pointing at the red bottle): What kind of sauce is this?

Chef: Red.

Me (pointing at the green bottle): What kind of sauce is this?

Chef: Green.

Me: What is in them?

Chef: Sauce.

Me: 😯 … Gracias

This is so totally my kind of place!

  • Hot Sauce #80 – Los Caballos Red Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #81 – Los Caballos Green Sauce

Their Website:

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