Hot Sauces #91 – 96 – Fire Station #6 Hot Sauce Set

Fire Station #6 Hot Sauce Gift PackAnother hot sauce gift box from Big Lots added a lot of fun to my recent lunches — and 6 new sauces to my list.

Fire Station #6 Hot Sauce Gift Pack

Fire Station Hot Sauce Gift Set

I picked these up at Big Lots along with a half dozen or so other gift sets when they had their after-Christmas sale for 90% off. At $1.00 I didn’t give it a second thought.  I might have if they had been full priced or the only set available.  That’s because they are made by the same company that made the first hot sauce gift set I tried, Dat’l Do It.

I did not enjoy the sauces in that set at all. I wrote about it in an earlier post (Click Here to read it.)

These were different, though.  These are good. Like most of these sets, these sauces are all just normal vinegar and pepper mash hot sauces with various flavors added but I  did enjoy trying each of them.

Fire Station Hot Sauces

  • Hot Sauce #91 – Fire Station Number 5
  • Hot Sauce #92 – Fire Alarm
  • Hot Sauce #93 – Mad Dog
  • Hot Sauce #94 – Cayenne Combustion
  • Hot Sauce #95 – 911 What’s Your Emergency
  • Hot Sauce #96 – Ragin’ Blaze


Where I got it: Big Lots

Their Website:

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