Hot Sauces #99 – 105 – Passport to Flavor Hot Sauce Collection

Passport to Flavor Hot Sauce CollectionIn my continuing effort to eat every hot sauce gift set at Big Lots, I recently got my Passport stamped in the land of Flavor.

Okay…that was goofy.

Passport to Flavor Hot Sauce Gift Set

Passport to Flavor Hot Sauce Gift Set

  • Hot Sauce #99 – Jamaican Me Crazy Garlic, Mon Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #100 – Tropical Typhoon Extra Hot Cayenne Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #101 – Emperor’s Choice Asian Teriyaki Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #102 – Don’t Make Me Cry Argentina Raging Bull Jalapeño Pepper Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #103 – Southwest Pepper Co. Smokey Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #104 – Southern Seas Cajun Habanero Hot Sauce
  • Hot Sauce #105 – Pharaoh’s Gold Sweet ‘n Spicy Hot Sauce


Where I got it: Big Lots

The Hot Sauce Cookbook

Turn Up the Heat with 60+ Pepper Sauce Recipes

From veteran cookbook author Robb Walsh, this definitive guide to the world’s most beloved condiment is a must-have for fans of dishes that can never be too spicy.

Here’s a cookbook that really packs a punch. With dozens of recipes for homemade pepper sauces and salsas—including riffs on classic brands like Frank’s RedHot, Texas Pete, Crystal, and Sriracha—plus step-by-step instructions for fermenting your own pepper mash, The Hot Sauce Cookbook will leave you amazed by the fire and vibrancy of your homemade sauces.

Recipes for Meso-american salsas, Indonesian sambal, and Ethiopian berbere showcase the sweeping history and range of hot sauces around the world.

If your taste buds can handle it, Walsh also serves up more than fifty recipes for spice-centric dishes—including Pickapeppa Pot Roast, the Original Buffalo Wing, Mexican Micheladas, and more.

Whether you’re a die-hard chilehead or just a DIY-type in search of a new pantry project, your cooking is sure to climb up the Scoville scale with The Hot Sauce Cookbook

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