Hot Sauce #98 – Lime Char Chipotle Hot Sauce Review

Lime Char Chipotle Hot SauceI did not like this sauce when I tried it. I decided to review it mainly to counter-balance all the sauces I have reviewed that I loved. I am so glad I did.

Lime Char Chipotle Hot Sauce

When I saw this sauce on the shelf at Jungle Jim’s, I really loved the minimalist label and intriguing name, Char. I was sold when I saw that it was a chipotle sauce.  So naturally, I grabbed a bottle and looked forward to enjoying it.

Unfortunately, as soon as I tried it, I hated it. I threw it in my Hot Sauce Box and forgot about it. A few days ago I saw it and decided to review it, mainly because I had been so complimentary to the last few sauces I had reviewed. I figured a “bad” review would be a good contrast.

Fortunately, as soon as I did, I loved it. I’ll get to that in a moment. But first I think it is interesting to consider why I did not like Char upon first taste.

I’m Not Sure Why I Didn’t Like This Sauce …

At this point, I honestly cannot remember what it was about about this sauce that I didn’t like.  But I do have a couple ideas.

First off, I think the name threw me a bit.  When I saw Char, I got it into my head that the sauce would have a smoky, almost BBQ taste.  It does contain a bit of smoke, but what I didn’t know is that the name Char is just one of a series and refers more to the heat level than the taste. Either Jungle Jim’s didn’t have the complete set or I just missed them somehow.  The series is from a small chain of Mexican restaurants called Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.  They have 15 locations in South Florida and one in Texas.  Here is a picture of the complete set from their website.  Love those labels!

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill Hot Sauces

Photo courtesy of the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill Website

  • Singe (rated g) – Classic Mexican Pepper Sauce
  • Ignite (rated g) – Garlic Habanero Sauce
  • Burn (medium-ish) – Hot and Spicy Pepper Sauce
  • Char (medium-ish) – Chipotle Pepper Sauce
  • Sear (a little burnage) – Jalapeño Pepper Sauce
  • Scald (mommmmy!) – Spicy Habanero Sauce

The second thing, honestly, still bothers me a bit. When I see “chipotle pepper” on the label, I have an expectation, not only of a certain flavor, but also of a certain level of heat. This sauce contains habaneros in addition to the chipotle, making it several times hotter than a purely chipotle sauce. And, in my opinion, several times hotter than it needs to be.  I would have loved this sauce to be a purely chipotle sauce.

… But Here is Why I Like it Now!

Despite the fact that the sauce is hotter than it should be, I do like the heat — now that I am expecting it.  It doesn’t overwhelm your mouth.  The sauce does have the bitter habanero aftertaste (which could have so easily been avoided) but it is less noticeable when you eat this on food.

Speaking of which — this sauce was clearly created to go well with Mexican food.  I goes well with tacos, burritos, enchiladas, beans, etc.  If you are serving Mexican, make this your table sauce.

I look forward to trying all the sauces in the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill line.

My Ratings:

Taste: ★★½☆☆  — Heat Level: ★★½☆☆  — Usability: ★★★½☆ 


Selected Ingredients: Water, onions, tomato paste, red habanero peppers, white vinegar, chipotle peppers, salt, sugar, garlic, garlic powder, chive, black pepper

Where I got it: Jungle Jim’s International Market, Cincinnati, OH

Their Website:

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